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       Hey, let's start the gig with an XXXtra-special DJ S8TAN cover set!

       Blue Oyster Cult               Don't Fear The Reaper
       Apollo 44                      Don't Fear The Reaper
       Zeitmahl                       A Forest
       Deathline International        Tainted Love
       Iron Lung Corporation          Join In The Murderous Chant
       Meat Beat Manifesto            Everything Counts
  x    Bigod 20                       Like A Prayer
       Electic Hellfire Club          Warlock
       Orgy                           Blue Monday
  x    Biopsy                         Fine Time
  x    Front 242                      Headhunter
       Lords of Acid                  Rough Sex
       Thrill Kill Kult               After The Flesh
  x    Skinny Puppy                   Spasmolytic
  x    David Bowie                    The Heart's Filthy Lesson
       Crystal Method                 Trip Like I Do
       Depeche Mode                   No Good
       Stabbing Westward              Blame
       God Lives Under Water          From Your Mouth
       Depeche Mode                   Strange Love
  x    Prodigy                        Breathe
       Chemlab                        Codeine, Glue and You
       Prodigy & Tom Morello          One Man Army
       Cars                           Gary Numan
       Mentallo and the Fixer         Sacrilege       
       Skinny Puppy                   Blue Serge
       Lords of Acid                  Young Boys
       Fluke                          Atom Bomb
       Chemical Brothers              Block Rockin' Beats
       Sister Machine Gun             Torque
       Happy Head                     Digital Love Thing
       Future Sound of London         We Have Explosive
       Reflex                         The Politics of Dancing
       BT                             Blue Skies
       Death in Vegas                 Dirt
       Prodigy                        Voodoo People
       Orbital & Kurt Hammet          Satan
       KMFDM                          Today
  x    Skinny Puppy                   Tin Omen
  x    Prodigy                        Smack My Bitch Up
       Die Krupps                     All Good Girls
       Duran Duran                    Electric Barbarella
       Crystal Method                 Busy Child
       16 Volt                        Perfectly Fake
       Propellerheads                 Spy Break!
       Keoki                          Majik
       Absurd                         Fluke
       Crystal Method                 There Is Hope
       Front Line Assembly            Mindphaser
       Crystal Method                 Comin' back
  x    Republica                      Ready To Go
  x    Front Line Assembly            Vigilante
       Curve                          Chinese Burn
  x    Thrill Kill Kult               A Daisy Chain 4 Satan
       Nine Inch Nails                Sin
       KMFDM                          Light
       Guilty                         Gravity Kills
       KMFDM                          Juke Joint Jezebel
       Delirium                       Silence
       Enigma                         Sadness Part 1       
       Jesus Jones                    The Devil You Know
       Altern8                        Hypnotic ST8
  x    Messiah                        Temple of Dreams
       Praga Kahn                     Kick Back for the Rave Alarm
  x    Rammstein                      Ausche Ausche
       Nine Inch Nails                Gave Up
       Front 242                      Cage

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