Alt Dot News: There's a new nite in town!

That's right, kiddies, it's the Underground 80's at Piranah, every Saturday night with DJ Mike Dailor. Ladies get in free, the club is totally amazing, and the music is so cool you'll pee your pants. If you hung out at X, Idols, Scrap, Scorgies or Zero back in the day, this night will fit you like your favorite leather jacket. And it's OK if you're a parent now, you can still be a rebel. :^) For more info, check out See you there!

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Alt Dot News: Industrial madness at RED!

Thanks to DJ Dan Dangler and owner Rob for putting together a kick-ass industrial night at RED on Monday, September 13th 1999. National and local bands SMP, Nexus 6, Bitter Flesh Thing and others were on hand, with before/during/after entertainment by the ever-dangerous Mr. Dangler. And thanks to all of you rivet heads out there for showing up and supporting the scene!

Nexus 6

Bitter Flesh Thing

Click here for more photos from RED!

S8TAN throws a hell of a party!

Here are some Krowd Kam pix from Retrolution, in black-n-white S8TAN-O-VISION. Beware, S8TAN sees all, and you could find your picture here next week! By the way, S8TAN neither encorages or discourages women from grinding on the pooltable or men from dancing half naked; S8TAN only observes. And grins. A lot.

Flyers Of The Past

S8TAN & Snot in Philadelphia after the
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult show &
before the Sisters of Mercy/Dark Harvest III
show. Line Of The Day:
Geez, my head *still* hurts!
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