S8TAN Sez: Come to me NOW!

That's right, get yer arse down here and party! Whatsamatter, you're not afraid to come downtown are ya? A lot of people think downtown Rochester is scarey, but it just ain't so. So S8TAN sez jump in yer ride and get on down here ya big sissy! Here's the full scoopage:

What: Retrolution '98 - 20 years of thumpin' electronic mayhem with DJ S8TAN.

When: Every Thursday night, 10PM till 5AM

Where: Upstairs at 88 Liberty Pole Way, Rochester NY, 14604. The building says "Metro Station" on the front. There are two clubs in the building, you wanna be upstairs.

The rest: Age 18 and over admitted with proper ID, you gotta be 21 to drink alkeehol. Open bar from 10:30 to 11:30. There's plenty of parking across the street from the building, and a couple of pool tables and dart boards to amuse yourself with inside. And of course, DJ S8TAN takes requests. S8TAN sez if you've got something to say, go 'head and send him e-mail. Please don't send any junk mail, though, 'cause that *really* pisses S8TAN off! Now, just so's you don't get lost, here's a coupla maps for ya, and we'll see you this weekend. If you need more directions, click here for everything from a satellite view to a 100-foot view of the club! Remember, Retrolution '98 is in operation on Thursdays only, see ya then!

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